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Q. Why did my taxes go up?
A. There are many reasons the amount of tax on your property may change. Some of these include: a change in the appraised value due to market conditions; improvements made to the property; an additional tax (levy) was passed in an election; a special assessment has been added. The County Auditor is responsible for determining the value of property and the amount of tax due. Please see the Auditor for further information.

Q. Why are my taxes so high?
A. The County Auditor determines the amount of tax you owe, but generally speaking, the more your property is worth, the higher the tax will be. Please see the County Auditor for further information.

Q. When are taxes due?
A. Please see the "Collection Dates" page on this site for current due date information.

Q. Can I write a personal check for payment of taxes?
A. Yes. Checks should be made payable to Ross County Treasurer Jerald A. Byers. Please include the parcel or account number on the check.

Q. What should I do if I didn't receive a tax bill?
A. To find out the amount of tax owed or to obtain a duplicate tax bill, please call the Treasurer's office at 740-702-3080 or email your request to rosstreas@bright.net

Q. Can I get a paid receipt for taxes sent by mail?
A. Yes. Please return the entire bill with your payment and include a self-addressed, stamped envelope. An officially stamped receipt will be sent back to you.

Q. If I mail my taxes and they don't arrive until after the due date, will I receive a penalty?
A. All mail received with a U.S. Postal cancellation date (not a private meter date) of the current tax due date or prior will be accepted without penalty. All payments received with a cancellation date that is after the due date will be subject to a penalty as required by state law.

Q. How much is the late payment penalty?
A. If the late payment is RECEIVED (not postmarked) within ten (10) calendar days after the due date, a 5% penalty is charged. All other late payments are charged a 10% penalty.

Q. How can I find out if my taxes have been paid?
A. You may call the Treasurer's office at 740-702-3080 or email your request to rosstreas@bright.net

Q. How do I change the mailing address for my tax bill?
A. Please see the "change of address" page on this site.

Q. I escrow my taxes with my mortgage payment but the bill was sent to me. What should I do?
A. You should send the bill to, or contact, your mortgage holder (your bank, mortgage company, etc.) and you should also instruct your mortgage holder to request the Treasurer's office send the bill directly to them in the future.

Q. How much are my real estate taxes?
A. To obtain your tax amount you can call the Treasurer's office at 740-702-3080 or visit the Auditor's website to look up the parcel information that will include the tax amount.

Q. What is the value of my property?
A. You can obtain this information by calling the County Auditor's office at 740-702-3080, or by looking up the parcel information on the Auditor's website.

Q. What are Special Assessments?
A. Special Assessments are charges by local government entities to cover the cost of special improvements or services. To obtain more information, contact the Ross County Auditor at 740-702-3080.

Q. How much will the taxes be on the home I am planning to build?
A. For a quick way to estimate what your taxes will be, please see the "Property Tax Estimator Chart".

Q. Why did I get a real estate tax bill when I just purchased the home?
A. Although real estate taxes are paid a year in arrears, the taxes are on the property, not the property owner. Typically, a credit is given to the purchaser for any pro-rated taxes when the sale is completed. This information can be found in the closing papers.

Q. What is this Manufactured Home tax for? I paid sales tax when I bought my mobile home.
A. The County Auditor assesses each mobile home in the county on the home itself. This is an annual tax. If the mobile home is in Ross County as of January 1st of the current year, taxes are then due to the county.

Q. I own the mobile home but not the ground it sits on, so why do I have to pay the tax?
A. The Manufactured Home tax is strictly for the mobile home. The property owner pays any real estate tax for the land the home sits on.

Q. I put my mobile home on a foundation. Why do I still have to pay Manufactured Home taxes?
A. Generally speaking, if you still have a valid title for your mobile home, it is taxed as a Manufactured Home. There is a procedure to surrender your title and have your manufactured home taxed as real estate. Please see the County Auditor for more information.

Q. I don't agree with the value that has been placed on my property. What can I do?
A. If you do not agree with the valuation of your property as determined by the County Auditor, you have the right to file an appeal with the Ross County Board of Revision. Appeals must be filed with the County Auditor's Office between January 1st and March 31st. For further information, please contact the County Auditor's office at 740-702-3080.

Q. Can I appeal the penalty amount?
A. A taxpayer may request a remission (removal) of a penalty that has been assessed against real estate or manufactured home taxes by submitting to the Treasurer a completed Form 23A, "Application for the Remission of Late-Payment Penalties". Penalties can only be removed for specific reasons as outlined by Ohio law. You'll find this form in the "Forms" section of this site. Additional information is on the "Reducing Your Taxes" page of this site. Please contact the Treasurer's office at 740-702-3080 or email us at rosstreas@bright.net with any further questions regarding a penalty.

Q. When am I charged interest on my past due taxes?
A. Any tax carried over from the previous year will be charged interest on August 1st. On December 1st, interest will be charged on all past due taxes. Please note that payment MUST BE RECEIVED, NOT POSTMARKED, before these dates to avoid the interest charge.

Q. My taxes are delinquent. When will my name be published in the paper?
A. The County Auditor is responsible for publishing the Delinquent Tax list. To assure that your name is not published, we recommend that, by October 31st, you either pay the tax due or enter into an agreement (contract) with the County Treasurer's office to pay off the delinquent taxes over time. See "Delinquent Taxes" page on this site for more information on payment plans. Please see the County Auditor for further information on publication of the Delinquent Tax list.

Q. If I mail my delinquent tax payment before October 31st, will my name be published?
A. The payment MUST BE RECEIVED, not postmarked by the County Auditor's cutoff date. See the Auditor for more information.

Q. How long do I have before my property is foreclosed on?
A. A specific date is not available, however, the Ross County Treasurer's office is very willing to work with Taxpayers who are having trouble meeting their tax obligations. Please see the "Delinquent Taxes" page on this site. Call the office at 740-702-3080 or email us at rosstreas@bright.net for further assistance.

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