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How The Plan Works

The Budget Plan is a budgeting tool that allows taxpayers to pay semi-annual taxes in monthly installments. You start by making monthly pre-payments in advance of the due dates in February and July. There are no extra fees or charges for this service. The only requirement before starting on the plan is that your current taxes are paid in full.

Once you sign an authorization, we will provide you with payment coupons for your use with your monthly payments. The payment amount on the coupons you receive is only a recommended amount. The Budget Plan method of payment is very flexible; YOU determine how much you wish to deposit into your escrow account and how often. The monthly coupons we provide and the suggested payment amount is solely for your convenience.

For the 1st half taxes, you will receive five (5) coupons for payments to be made in Aug., Sep., Oct., Nov., and Dec. For January, instead of a coupon, a Tax Bill for the remainder due will be mailed to you showing the amount you’ve paid so far and the balance due. You will probably not receive this January bill until about the 12th of the month and it must be paid by the due date in early February. PLEASE NOTE – To stay on a schedule of one payment a month, you may want to pay this bill as soon as you receive it since you will have a coupon payment scheduled for February too. For the 2nd half you will also have five (5) coupons for payments in Feb., Mar., Apr., May and June. You’ll be mailed a Tax Bill in June showing the amount paid to date and the balance due. This bill will be due in July.

You should include the tear-off stub from the coupon or the tax bill with your payment. If you prefer to pay a different amount than the amount that appears on the coupon simply fill in the amount that you are sending. If you need additional coupons call our office. You are not obligated to make the coupon payments. If you do not make any, your regular tax bill will be for the full amount and we will not send you coupons again. On the other hand, even if you only make one coupon payment, you will automatically be continued on the plan.

Some Things You Should Know

If you have paid more than the amount due on your half tax, the balance will go towards your next half tax.

Pre-payments may only be refunded under limited circumstances, which include things such as a change in property ownership or the death of the taxpayer.

We do not know the exact amount of your new taxes when we send out your coupons. Please remember that you are paying estimated taxes and that the bill that you receive to complete the payment of taxes for that half of the year may be different than the monthly coupon amount.

If you are interested in the Budget Plan program, contact us with: full name, property address with zip code, mailing address with zip code (only if different than property address) and parcel number if available. Call us at 740-702-3080 or e-mail us at rosstreas@bright.net or write to:

Jerald Byers, Ross County Treasurer
Budget Plan
2 N. Paint St. Suite F
Chillicothe, Ohio 45601.
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